Samridhi and Ashirwad New Faces of House of Fashion

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Samridhi Rawal and Ashirwad Baral were crowned the winners for fifth Republica My City Presents En Vogue modeling contest in the female and male categories, respectively.

Likewise, Asmita Gurung and Anil Gurung became 1st runners-up whereas Bhagya Kachhapati and Prashant Jung Shah were crowned the second runners-up in the finale held on Wednesday at Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg.

Meanwhile, Perusha Raut and Pratik Pradhan were crowned as commercial ambassadors.

With this, the search for the next face of House of Fashion (HoF) Nepal finally came to an end. Both Samridhi and Ashirwad will now work as the ambassadors for HoF for the next year. Along with the year-long contract, they also received cash prize worth Rs 50,000 and other gift vouchers from the sponsors. The grand finale was attended by personalities from modeling as well as fashion industries and those from media and families of the participants along with other general crowd. The program was conducted by Ajay Gurung.

the event, the first sequence of day was by Manita Thapa which was titled ‘Ready to wear’, for which HOF 2016 winner Rubina Thapa walked the ramp as showstopper. There were altogether 10 sequences where 38 female and 27 male models dazzled the ramp. A special sequence featuring former-HoF models was also presented which was put together by Being Human Clothing Store.

The other sequences presented included ‘Freedom is all you need’ by Anugraha Adhikari, ‘Belle Femme’ and ‘Abstrait et floral’ by Kailash Kunwar, ‘Rise for all’ by Deepa KC, ‘Ready to Wear’ by Yishion (clothing brand), ‘Red Carpet’ by Utkrista Bir Bikram Shahi, a sequence by Miseek Limbu (all boys) and by Pooja Bagaria (all girls) who were joined by Rubina Thapa, Priyanka Ranijoshi and Dipika KC.

All the sequences had been choreographed by judge and trainer Puran Joshi. A special trailer of Nepali movie 'Romeo' featuring Melina Manandhar, Nisha Adhikari and HOF Founder and CEO Oshima Banu was also shown.

The finalists were unmasked amid an event held at Club Déjà Vu, Durbar Marg on September 23. The journey of 67 aspiring models had begun from August when they had auditioned for a spot in the contest putting their best foot forward. Girls and boys, between the ages of 16 and 28 years, and with a height above 5’3 and 5’6 were selected in the audition.

They underwent various training with HoF which largely focused on their walk, postures, expression, confidence, presentation and grooming their overall personality for today’s grand event. The training period also included sessions with experts where the participants received tips for styling, make-up and fitness.

The participants were groomed by a team of Veda Salon that managed the participants’ hair and make-up. All the models were divided into four groups. The sound system and lighting were managed by the team of International Sound Service (ISS). The T-shaped stage was coupled with LED screens in the backdrop where the graphics for each of the designers’ sets were played. All the graphics have been prepared after months of work by the House of Fashion graphics team.

The grand event was broadcast live from Kasthmandap Television as well as HOF's Facebook page from the venue. The crowd also joined the after party at Club Déjà Vu, Durbar Marg which was held shortly after the main event concluded.

The winners were each awarded with a sash and goodies from the event’s sponsors. Since the audition round, a panel of six judges including Lomash Dhamala, Manis Rai, Rubina Thapa, Priyanka Ranijoshi, Puran Joshi and Oshima Banu, had taken the responsibility of choosing the winners in the above categories among the contestants.Read more at:australian formal dresses | formal dresses adelaide

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